Ian McAnerin

Intended Candidate for: City Council, Calgary Ward 3

Lives in: Calgary Ward 3 (for 23 years)

Party / Slate Affiliation: None (independent)

Political Stance: Moderate, leans right fiscally and left socially  (anti-extremist). Pro science & fact-based decision-making.

Controversial Stances: Pro Oxford comma. Likes pineapple on pizza sometimes.

  • Expertise With Multiple Levels of Government 98%
  • Lives in and Cares Deeply About Calgary Ward 3 100%
  • Legal Background 95%
  • Easily Accessible and Listens Carefully 100%

Top 3 Priorities – E.A.R.

    • Effective – Real-world business experience, supported by a legal background. Excellent listener, and will fight to keep Calgary a safe, accepting place where everyone can be prosperous and happy, no matter where they are from, what they look like, or what language they speak.
    • Accountable – City Council and City Administration must be transparent and accountable to the people of Calgary. There should be no surprises, no excuses, and no question of the good work done and the value provided to Calgarians.
    • Responsible – A resilient city needs both a healthy infrastructure and a healthy balance sheet. And we have to protect our most valuable resource: Calgarians! Taxpayers need to keep as much of their own money as possible so they can be healthy and resilient too. We need to balance helping people who need it and building a great city with keeping taxes low and government small.


My name is Ian McAnerin, and I’ve lived in Ward 3 for 23 years, along with my wife Leah, three children, cat and dog.

Originally from Toronto, my family moved a lot when I was young. I grew up learning to see both sides of a debate between my blue-collar, ex-military, conservative father, and feminist, liberal mother. I’m a politically independent moderate who balances helping people with being fiscally responsible.

My undergraduate degree was a BASc in world cultures and religions, followed by Law School. In 1993, I moved to Calgary and became involved in the World Wide Web, creating the third most popular website in Canada at the time, which is now part of Yahoo Canada.

In Calgary, I worked for an engineering company, a Fortune 50 company, and two petroleum companies before launching my own business, consulting to multinational corporations, as well as Canadian federal, provincial, and municipal governments. My specialty is optimizing projects and organizations, particularly large, complicated ones like government.

In 2013, my wife suffered a severe stroke, and as a result I stopped my speaking engagements around the world and began to focus here at home. It didn’t take long to realize Calgary Council and Administration needed to be changed to stop irresponsible developments, unfair processes, and wasted time and money.

My background makes me the ideal choice to fight for our interests, our community, and our city. I have decades of experience in law, business ownership, consulting to governments at all levels, and expertise in turning around failing organizations.

I have a proven track record of being effective, accountable, and responsible. I’m used to needing to achieve results or face being fired. I’ve worked with world-class clients like Samsung, Sony, Mercedes-Benz, and Disney. They like working with me because I deliver results. I’ll do the same for you if you choose to elect me as your new city Councillor for Ward 3!


2026 Olympic Bid Yes (Qualified) Olympics are great, but costs must be controlled. Advised Chinese government on 2008 Olympics, ran all Canadian Tourism Commission online marketing for 2010 Vancouver Olympics
Greenline LRT Yes We need the Greenline LRT as soon as possible.
New Calgary Arena Yes (Qualified) Taxpayer dollars should have taxpayer benefits. Should be an investment, not a free handout.
Animals and Pets Yes Need to rework pet bylaws and animal services. Also, more dog parks. Problem is usually bad owners, not bad pets.
Crime and Safety Yes Fentanyl drug use has reached a crisis state and needs to be stopped.
Trash and Recycling Yes Need a low-use, low cost option for blue carts. Unfair that single people are being charged the same as entire families.
Economy Yes City should support small businesses more.
Secondary Suite Reform Yes Calgary is the only major city in Canada where City Council approves each and every application. People who do not speak English well have a harder time getting approvals, which is unfair.
Municipal Election Reform Yes Multi-constituency voting can increase voter turnout and convenience.
Active Transportation Yes Any resident of Calgary should be 1) able to get around their neighbourhood in a wheelchair, and 2) able to get to work safely using a bicycle.
Gated Communities No Gated communities encourage racism and make it hard for people to move around the city. Better to make safe communities instead.
Green Space Conservation Yes Important to protect the environment and our parks.