Ian McAnerin

Intended Candidate for: City Council, Calgary Ward 3

Lives in: Calgary Ward 3 (for 23 years)

Party / Slate Affiliation: None (independent)

Political Stance: Moderate, leans right fiscally and left socially  (anti-extremist). Pro science & fact-based decision-making.

Controversial Stances: Pro Oxford comma. Likes pineapple on pizza sometimes.

  • Expertise With Multiple Levels of Government 98%
  • Lives in and Cares Deeply About Calgary Ward 3 100%
  • Legal Background 95%
  • Easily Accessible and Listens Carefully 100%

Top 3 Priorities – E.A.R.

  • Effective – City Council must identify and prioritize issues, gather and distill input, evaluate options, set goals, and deliver on them, in order to do the best job for Calgarians.

    Ian brings a track record of professional problem solving, with lessons learned from real-world business experience, firmly supported by a legal background. He is an excellent listener, who loves to think outside the box, and won’t hesitate to speak his mind.

    Accountable – City Council and City Administration must be transparent and accountable to the people of Calgary. There should be no surprises, no excuses, and no question of the good work done and the value provided to Calgarians.

    Ian’s background as a business owner brings a “buck stops here” attitude. And discovery, disclosure, evidence, transparency, and burden of proof are all concepts that should be equally at home in City Council chambers, as they are in law chambers.

    Responsible – City Council must always balance “needs” with “resources”. A resilient city needs both a healthy infrastructure and a healthy balance sheet. And we have to protect our most valuable resource: Calgarians! Taxpayers need to keep as much of their own money as possible so they can be healthy and resilient too.

    Ian brings a collection of morals, ethics, and good judgment grown from a multi-disciplinary background, world travel, and a vibrant family life and business life. He understands the human scale of the balance of responsibility, and will work for the people of Calgary, not just the numbers on Calgary’s balance sheet.


Ian McAnerin was born in Toronto, but his family moved a lot when he was young. Dinner table conversations between his hard-working, ex-military, blue collar, conservative father, and feminist, ex-hippie, liberal mother were always interesting. Ian grew up learning to see both sides of a debate.

Much of his youth was spent in Southern Alberta, and he’s lived in Calgary Ward 3 for most of the last 23 years. He is married to Leah McAnerin, and they have three children.

Ian’s participation in the 1985 national championship “Reach For The Top” team stirred a lifelong love of trivia and storytelling. He obtained a Bachelor of Arts & Science (Anthropology / Religious Studies) from the University of Lethbridge, followed by an LLB from the University of Alberta. Fresh out of law school in 1993, he moved to Calgary and became involved in a brand new thing called the World Wide Web. It wasn’t long before he owned the third most popular website in Canada, whose database lived on to become part of the basis for Yahoo Canada.

He worked in Calgary for a small-cap public company, a major Fortune 50 company, and two major petroleum services companies before deciding to launch his own business. Today, McAnerin International Inc. consults to multinational corporations, as well as Canadian federal, provincial, and municipal governments.

The challenges of dealing with big business and big government sometimes proved frustrating. Too often he watched as his hard work, thoroughly researched recommendations based on careful assessment of stakeholders’ wants and needs, went unused due to political and bureaucratic interference at higher levels. This frustration came to a head when the local government right in his own ward ignored both citizen protests and its own policies in order to push through ill-conceived and inappropriate zoning and development decisions. He decided the best way to bring back good government was to step up from just telling them what they should do, and take an active leadership role doing the right thing directly as a member of City Council.

Ian McAnerin loves this city, and is dedicated to making it better – Onward!

Position Cheat Sheet

2026 Olympic Bid Yes (Qualified) Pros outweigh Cons. Olympics are great, IOC has to be watched carefully.
Greenline LRT Northern Stage is needed ASAP Successful Olympic bid could accomplish this sooner
New Calgary Arena Pro, but no free handouts from taxpayers Successful Olympic bid could pay for this
Animals and Pets Need to rework pet bylaws and animal services. Also, more dog parks Bad owners, not bad pets.
Crime and Safety Fentanyl use and distribution need to be eliminated ASAP Fentanyl has reached a crisis state.
Trash and Recycling Need a low-use, low cost option for blue carts Unfair that single people are being charged the same as entire families.
Economy Microenterprise support City should support micro (1-2 person) enterprises more.
Secondary Suite Reform Pro Current process is inefficient, unfair and politically charged. Calgary is the only major city in Canada where City Council approves each and every application.
Municipal Election Reform Pro Multi-constituency voting can increase voter turnout and convenience.
Active Transportation Pro Any resident of Calgary should be 1) able to get around their neighbourhood in a wheelchair, and 2) able to get to work safely using a bicycle.
Gated Communities Against Build friendships, not walls. No US-Style racial / social divisiveness in Calgary.
Green Space Conservation Pro Will propose the “Harvest Hills Act” allowing local communities to have the city designate notable green spaces and water features as protected during development.