Coventry Hills

2017 Calgary Municipal (Civic) Election Information for Coventry Hills, Calgary


What Calgary Ward is Coventry Hills in?

Coventry Hills is currently in Ward 3, and will still be in Ward 3 after the Ward boundaries are redrawn on Calgary civic Election Day. The current councillor is Jim Stevenson, who is not running for re-election in October.

Who is Running for City Council for Coventry Hills, Calgary?

Registered candidates are Jun Lin, Connie Hamilton, Jyoti Gondek, and Ian McAnerin

We believe Ian McAnerin is the best choice because of his commitment to transparency, dedication to the community, and belief in balancing the needs of the community with fiscal responsibility towards taxpayers.

When is Election Day 2017 for Coventry Hills, Calgary?

Election Day for the City of Calgary, which includes City Council, Mayor, and School Board Trustees, is on October 16, 2017.

Where do I Vote for Coventry Hills Candidates?

You are in either voting subdivision 302 or 305, depending on your address. 

You can type in your address here and get your voting station location:

The voting station will be open from 10am to 8pm on Monday, Oct 16.

How do I Register to Vote for Coventry Hills in Ward 3?

If you filled out the Calgary Civic Census and registered to vote during it, then you are already registered to vote.

If you completed the census but did not register to vote while doing it, you may do so by calling (403) 476-4100 (Option 3).

Finally, you can show up at the voting area with at least one form of acceptable ID proving your identity and residence in Coventry Hills, Ward 3, Calgary.

What if I Can’t Vote in Coventry Hills on Election Day?

Advance Voting, Mail-in Ballots, Voting at Home and Voting in the Hospital are all options. You will need to provide acceptable ID.

Advance Voting is from October 4-11, 2017.

What Kind of ID do I Need to Prove I’m Eligible to Vote in Coventry Hills?

One form of the following ID containing your Coventry Hills address is acceptable:

  • Alberta Driver’s License or Identification Card
  • Official Mailed Statement, Cheque or Bill from a Bank, government agency, utility company, landlord, or post-secondary school.
  • Attestation of Identity and Residence from an authorized authority at a homeless shelter, correctional institute, landlord, post-secondary school, First Nations Band/Reserve, or treatment centre.