Take Control and Donate to the Ian McAnerin Campaign!


Important Note: Donating to any Municipal Campaign requires that you fall within the legal guidelines below. Donating to the Ian McAnerin Campaign means you understand and agree to these conditions.

Write a Cheque

Contact the Ian McAnerin Campaign at and we will work with you to make arrangements.

Send an Interac e-Transfer®

Use your banking app or bank website to send a donation to . Don’t forget to also send a separate email with your name and address in it so we can properly track it!

Use Paypal or Your Credit Card

Campaign Contributions Guidelines

Contributions shall not exceed $5,000 per calendar year per candidate. Receipts are not tax deductible under the Income Tax Act as political donations (applies only to Federal and Provincial elections). There may be a business deduction for some businesses – check with your accountant.

Must Be A:

  • Person normally resident in Alberta
  • Corporation, trade union, or employee organization carrying on business in Alberta

Cannot Be A:

  • Municipality, or a corporation or non-profit that is financed or controlled by a municipality
  • Provincial corporation
  • Metis Settlement
  • School Board
  • Public post-secondary institution
  • Corporation that does not carry on business in Alberta
  • Organization designated by the Lieutenant Governor in Council as a prohibited organization

Other Rules:

  • Companies related to each other according to the Income Tax Act are considered a single contributor
  • Locals of a Trade Union are all considered a single contributor under the Trade Union
  • The fair market value of non-monetary contributions is counted towards the contribution limit.
    • This does not apply to volunteer time and services.

Source: Local Authorities Election Act of Alberta


What happens if funds are remaining after the election? If the Candidate wins, the City of Calgary takes the remaining funds and holds them in trust until the next election period. If the Candidate loses, the excess funds are donated to a Registered Charity of the Candidates choosing. Ian McAnerin doesn’t intend to lose, but is VERY fond of The Calgary United Way. Under no circumstances are Candidates allowed to pocket donations personally – your donation always goes to a good cause: either to support a Candidate or to help a worthy registered charity.

Who has donated to your campaign already? Financial Disclosures can be found here: