Intergovernmental Issues

Intergovernmental Issues

Intergovernmental Positions

North Central High School Yes, Long Overdue We don’t need a new Elementary School, we need a new High School.
14th Street/Stoney Trail Interchange Pro Evanston, Carrington & Livingston need this now, not beginning in 2019. It’s already fully funded
North Calgary Diagnosis and Treatment Centre Pro Will also likely be additional medical services in the District
Heritage Protection Pro, as long as it’s safe Example would be protecting the zoo bridge, but still moving it for safety reasons.
Cannabis Retail Sales and Cannabis Lounge Licensing Pro, with safety and nuisance restrictions Anywhere you can have a beer+cigarette, you should be able to have cannabis. If cigarettes OR beer are banned, so should cannabis.
Carbon Tax Only if it Works Why isn’t the City of Calgary mass transit exempt? All those people using the bus/train instead of cars should create a rebate, not cost the City $6M.
Resiliency Extremely Pro The time to prepare for a disaster is before it happens, not during or after.
Economy Pro Strongly in favour of supporting business and employment. Particularly interested in supporting micro-enterprises. Calgary currently has the second highest unemployment rate in Canada, and we need to work to fix it using every tool available.
Immigrant Support Pro Calgary has the fourth highest number of immigrants in Canada, represented 26.2% of its total population. With support and integration, this is a blessing. Without support, a potential problem.
Mental Health Pro Mental health affects productivity, crime rates, drug use, accident levels, health care, social services, housing, education, and many other areas. Needs to be a priority at every level of government.
Nearby Communities Pro Cooperation Calgary is connected to surrounding communities in many ways, including commuters, business transport, and tourism. It makes sense to work with them as partners on things like bus service to Balzac/Cross Iron Mills, possible passenger bus/rail service to Banff, or the Calgary – Red Deer – Edmonton corridor, etc. I’m open to this type of cooperation as long as the specifics make sense for everyone involved.

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April 27, 2017

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